wedding invitationWhen planning a wedding you will need to follow a few rules of wedding invitation etiquette in order to correctly organize your wedding and achieve the best possible results.

If your wedding ceremony and reception will not be held in the same location you will have to send a reception card along with the wedding invitation, where you will accurately note all important information as to the whereabouts of the reception.

It is important to send of your wedding invitations well ahead of time, at least six to eight weeks before the wedding; this will give your guests the chance to organize their stay, if they live far away from you.

Specify the kind of dress code your guests will need to respect, this will help everyone decide on their outfits beforehand and no one will feel out of place by turning up with a different dress to everyone else.

If your invitations are addressed to families do not add the Mr. and Mrs. form, think of addressing separate invitations if there is anyone over eighteen within the family.

Write the names correctly on the invitations, avoid using nicknames and abbreviations or the symbol ‘&’ instead of ‘and’. Make sure the location and times of the ceremony are clearly marked, in order to avoid confusion.

Whether you are planning an expensive or less expensive wedding, it is important you follow the rules of etiquette, for a wedding day is an important moment you wish to share with friends and relations and this should be displayed in the way you present your invitations.



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