In the world that we live, second marriages are not as uncommon or frowned upon as they once used to be. In earlier times, it was considered polite not to invite many people to a second marriage and to make the announcement without any pomp and show.

But things have changed now and so has the social etiquette for second marriages. These days, people are more open to big second marriages and not to quieter and more intimate affairs.

The following are some of the social etiquettes to follow during second weddings or marriages:

social etiquette to follow during second marriage

Announcing the Engagement

Announcing your second engagement should be a thing that must be dealt with carefully. If you have kids, they should be the first ones to know and the news must be broken down to them sensibly. Your parents or other family members should be the next to know about the news.

Rings and Previous Marriage Belongings

Take care of the fact that you must not wear the ring from your previous engagement. All the signs of your previous marriage must disappear and if you are still in touch with your ex, then he/she has all right to know about the new man/woman in your life. Try and remove all gifts and belongings of your ex from your house so as to avoid the awkwardness with your current beau.

Inviting People

Pick who you invite at your second wedding carefully and after giving it enough thought. If you think that inviting your ex husband/wife will become awkward and uncomfortable, avoid doing it. Infact, it would be best not to invite any previous in-laws if things didn’t end on a right note. But other than them, you can invite whoever you want as your special day must be shared with all the important people in your life.


If you have already had one big lavish wedding, then you can try and save on the second. If you wish, you can cut down on the unnecessary expenditures and keep the affair simple, but in no way less fun. But if you do not mind spending, the event can be as extravagant as you wish, without having to worry about what people might think.


There is no change or difference in the wedding ceremonies such as vows, bridal showers and dinners between the first marriage and the second one and you can go about these things the same way as you did at first.

Thus follow the above given social etiquettes to start the second innings of your life on a happy and joyful note.

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