The date of the occasion has been set and you possibly have also fixed the menu for the event and booked the caterers. However, the most important thing is yet left to be done and that is sending out invitations to all your guests.

There are two options that you can consider – traditional paper invitation or sending invitations via email. Both have their set of advantages and disadvantages though online invitations have become more popular in today’s digital era. Let’s look at some of the advantages of inviting online:

online invitation

It is Cheap

No matter whether it is a birthday or wedding, printing invitation cards can be really expensive as compared to sending online invitations. In fact, sending invitation online is free and this is a great place where you can cut your costs and invest this amount in your honeymoon or anywhere else.

Immediate RSVP

Once you send online invitations, you will get an estimate as to how many people would be attending your event. Most people you invite online would reply with either an ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and you will have a clear estimate of the number of guests and would not have to wait for the post on both ways.

Let Others Know Who all are Coming

When you send invitations via social platform, you need to add people together in a group and then invite them for your event. This lets other people see who all are invited. This is a both a pro and con. As a guest, it always feels better to attend an event where people are known.

Updating is Easy

Many unfortunate things can force you to change the time or place of the event. If something like this happens, sending out new paper invitations again would be something that is impossible. However, updating online invitations can be easy and it would take a little less than a minute to make the desired changes and let the guests know about the changes made.


Online invitations allow the host and guests to communicate and share an idea which is never possible with paper invitations. People can chat and comment and the host can give options regarding what the guests want to drink etc.

Online invitation cards can be pretty and you can design one yourself or even hire professionals for that. You can even personalize online invitation cards with memories and pictures in a flashing mode with help of software. Either way, it would be a cheaper option than sending out paper invitation cards.


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