Many brides-to-be are wondering when is the right time for sending wedding invitations. Here are few tricks for the invitations, which would ease your plans for the biggest day of your life.

wedding invitations

Typically wedding invitations need to be sent six weeks before the big event. If you are expecting guests from another state or even another country, then you must send the invitations 8 weeks in advance. In case you are planning to have a rehearsal dinner, you can also send invitations, but in order to prevent any confusion just pick up the phone and call your guests.

wedding invitation

Leave the official invitations for the wedding day. When you are choosing invitations, make sure they match the décor of your wedding.

Nowadays you have thousands of samples of wedding invitations. In case you want to add more from your personal style, design your own invitations.

Lately the most eccentric and modern wedding invitations are brightly-colored. You can use any kind of color and skip the usual wedding cliché invitations.



  1. Wedding invitations are the first and perhaps one of the most important aspects of a wedding.Great tricks that really ease the plans for the biggest day..i appreciate them.Thanks for sharing..

  2. Green color wedding invitations with a very natural, I was very impressed with this wedding invitation design, design is very simple, but very modern


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