Wedding InvitationWedding invitations are very important to consider while planning for your wedding. You need to make your decision very carefully when selecting the wedding invitations.

Nobody wants to have an invitation that is cheap looking and thrown together.

Use creative and innovative ideas to make unique wedding invitation as they are much more attractive than the cards with jackets and bows.

If you want to make your wedding something that is memorable then you can opt for unique wedding invitation. This is the starting point of any wedding ceremony.

Whether it is a formal or unique wedding invitation, it should give your guests a clear idea about how to prepare and what is going to happen there. You can also use photographs of you and your better half for that unique look.

You should follow proper invitation wordings. Even for the unique wedding invitation, you need to choose the wordings carefully. Mention the full names of the couple, if the couple has children, write down their names also.

Modern wedding invitation:

In modern technology, most of the couples are creating unique wedding invitation on CDs and DVDs. These personalized wedding invitations use images, video, music, and photo montage to inform the couple’s story and offer a special invite to their occasion.

Some older family members will be frustrated with these unique wedding invitations. So, you need to think about the printed invitation along with CDs or DVDs.

Making unique wedding invitation on your own:

This type of unique wedding invitation is costlier to do. For those who don’t think themselves as shrewd can easily make unique invitation just by using an intense stock paper through fewer establishments.

Choose the background paper of the invitation that complements with your wedding theme and colors. Ensure that the paper weight should be at least 65 lbs. Depending on how strong you want the paper to be, you can keep it more than 65 lbs.

Choose lightweight paper for printing the wordings of your unique wedding invitation. It is better to search for a translucent kind of paper in a solid shade, for example, rice paper, vellum or tracing paper.

Cut the paper which is somewhat smaller than the background paper. Once, everything is ready for printing, put your printer to draft or economy mode. This makes to use little amount of ink for printing on the paper.

You can also add small wedding graphic to make a unique wedding invitation. Place it at the bottom center of the page or along the four corners of the paper. Keep the graphic label small for nice look. Finally, attach the printed invitation paper to the background paper.

Unique wedding invitation will give the visitors a sneak peak about what to imagine at your wedding. These unique wedding invitations also save you lot of money.



  1. Your article is very good, I really liked your article. Modern design wedding invitations, and is suitable for weddings in 2010. Hopefully my sister happy, He wants to get married next month, I will make the invitation more beautiful than the other invitations


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