Summer weddings are always special as not only the sun and brightness add to the overall look and feel of the ceremonies but also enable us to try different decoration styles, food options and venue ideas. Infact, summer weddings also gives us a chance to experiment with different wedding invitation ideas.  If you too are going to get married during the summers then you can try out the following given innovative wedding invitation ideas.

summer wedding invitation ideas

Go for Bright or Pastel Shades

Summers are all about bright colours, pastel shades and nothing dull. So why not incorporate some bright or pastel colours in the wedding invite? If you have selected a theme for your wedding day or venue, you can also choose the same colours for your wedding invitation card as well. Using white as a base colour and some pastel shades for the text can turn out beautifully.

Go for a Theme

Theme based invitation cards work wonders for everyone. For a summer wedding invitation, you can choose a summer related theme such as rain, sunshine and others. This can make your wedding invitation a little interesting and exciting. You can also merge this theme with the theme of your wedding decor to add that little edge.

Keep it Cool and Chic

Rather than going the traditional way, why  not try to make your wedding invitation a little cool and chic. In these days of technology, people prefer sending cards by email or whatsapp and you can do so to. This not only prevents waste of paper but also gives you opportunity to go creative. You can get a video shot in the brightness of summer days and send it across email or instant messaging to invite your guests. This can be a theme based photo shoot as well.

Invite it With a Sweet

These days, a lot of people get customised chocolates prepared to send them along with their wedding invitation. The cover or wrap of the chocolate has the name of the couple who is getting married along with other small details. This can prove to be a brilliant way to send personalised messages or invites.

Choose a Flowery Theme

Summers are all about bright blossoming flowers. Then why not choose a rather flowery theme for the wedding invitation? This too can be in sync with the season and may look unique as well.


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