Many parts of the wedding cost a lot, but there are some solutions that allow you to save some money, including making your own invitation. But how to make wedding invitations?

The template

When preparing to create the wedding invitations, you should start with getting a template that you like and then start customizing it according to your necessities. Add the message to it and also arrange the words for them to look nice.

How to Make Wedding InvitationsWhen thinking about the method of making the wedding invitations also consider the RSVP cards. In this case too you should be looking for a template to use.

Make sure that the RSVP cards look nice, even if this means a bit of work for you in an editing program.

Before you customize the invitation, you should be using Microsoft Word, but after you are done with it, convert the file to a PDF file, because in printing it will look a lot better that way.

Paper and envelopes

When asking how to make wedding invitations, you should also consider these aspects of the invitations. The possibilities for the paper and the envelopes are unlimited, especially in case you are looking online.

A lot of online companies offer such supplies and you will be surprised of what you will find. These are matte papers, shiny, silvery and even metallic ones. The right way to create the wedding invitations is to keep in mind the wedding theme and make sure that the invitations are a match for it.

Taking everything to the printing store

The best thing you can think of when asking how to make wedding invitations is to choose a printing store where you can bring your own flash drive and get the printing done right from the original files.

Although the people working at the store might be hesitant about doing the job, you just have to be nice to them and maybe make some compliments. Also keep in mind that once the printing is done, the job isn’t over. The employees of the store will have to cut the invitations for you.

When thinking about creating the wedding invitations you should find a place that has a guillotine cutter and also a person who knows how to use it.


If you think you have found the answer to the question how to make wedding invitations, then most probably you know that you may need some decorations too. If there is need for something to hold the invitation, the RSVP card and the seating card together, then the decoration you are looking for could be a piece of ribbon. When creating the wedding invitations you should choose for those supplies that match the style and the color of the invitations. In case of ribbons you can be sure to find the color that you are looking for.

When thinking about how to make wedding invitations you also have to consider that the ends of the ribbons will fray, so you might need to singe the ends.



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