In case you are thinking about garden wedding invitation ideas you may already know that these could turn out to be quite expensive. The good news is that since the majority of garden weddings are informal, you can also have informal invitations.

Garden Wedding Invitations Ideas

Homemade paper

For this idea you should make paper using old wrapping paper and tissue paper. Once the paper is ready, you should use inexpensive markers and add the text to the paper in handwriting. You can be sure that this is a kind of wedding invitation that the guests have never seen before.

Plant markers

Another one of the wedding invitation ideas for garden wedding is to use plant markers are invitations. You can find them at gardening centers or dollar stores. All there is left for you to do is to add the details to the markers and then distribute the invitations to the guests.

Seed samples

When it comes to the garden wedding invitation ideas, it is a really creative idea to send seed samples to the guests. All you need are some envelopes, plant seeds (which are inexpensive if you buy them in bulk), a printer and a computer. Print on the envelope the details of the wedding along with the planting instructions.

Brown paper bags

If you are looking for tips for garden wedding invitations, think about brown paper bags. Use acrylic paints to add the details of the event to the paper bags. Roll up the bags and secure them with a ribbon before you distribute the invitations to the guests.


As one of the garden wedding invitation ideas you may use scrapbook paper for the invitations and glue on each piece of paper a pressed wildflower. All there is left for you to do is to write the details of the wedding on the paper and the invitations will be ready to be sent out.

Leaf prints

The people looking for wedding invitation tips for garden wedding need light colored paper, leaves and a hammer. Place a leaf between two sheets of paper and hammer it so that you will have a leaf print. Then simply write the details on the paper and send out the invitations.

There are many garden wedding invitation ideas that you could use. The best thing about these invitations is that they are inexpensive and easy to make.

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