Usually when people are thinking about ideas for wedding invitations, they only consider those invitations that are printed on paper and sent in an envelope. You should know that there are many other creative ideas to invite people to your wedding as well.

Ideas For Wedding Invitations

Beach theme

If you are looking for wedding invitation ideas for a wedding with this theme, you should be thinking outside the box. As an example you could get a piece of mesh, attach to it an old envelope, preferably not white, cut out of colored paper a fish with a hook and you could also add a map.

On the fish there should be the text of the invitation, and the map could show the location of the wedding. You might consider this one of the most creative wedding invitation ideas.

Flip flops

You haven’t heard truly outstanding ideas for wedding invitations if you haven’t heard of invitations on flip fops. To get even more creative, you could put the picture of the groom on one of the flip flops and the picture of the bride on the other one.


In case the theme of the wedding is a travel around the world, then you should put pictures of different well-known places on the invitation, and also two characters that represent the bride and the groom. This isn’t such a spectacular wedding invitations idea but it helps you implement the theme.


Remember that you have to be thinking outside the box to find interesting ideas for wedding invitations. Well, sometimes it is the inside of the box that matters. Consider creating a box, and add the message of the invitation to the inside. This means that the guests will have to open the box to see the actual invitation.


It is also one of the great wedding invitations ideas to take a picture of the two of you, and add the message around it. You could have any picture that you like, formal or less formal one, the important thing is for it to represent you and your loved one.


Remember those funny little creatures? They could be the basis of many ideas for wedding invitations. Naturally you will need a female pacman and a male version that meet in the middle. The text itself could be added to the traditional background of the game, adding personality to the invitation and the wedding too.

Get a ticket

If you need more creative wedding invitation ideas then consider this: get an invitation in the shape and form of a plane ticket. Naturally you could also make it a bus ticket or train ticket, the main point is to make an allusion for traveling. This could also suggest that you are starting on a road together.


It is also one of the best ideas for wedding invitations to have caricatures of the couple on the wedding invitation. This adds a bit of fun and makes the whole event a bit less traditional. Also don’t forget to add the message to it.



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