Handmade wedding invitation is a fabulous way of inviting your dear and near ones to the most important event of your life – wedding. Although there is a whole host of ready-made options available in design and content of invitations, if you want a unique memorable invitation with a personal touch, then handmade invitations are the way to go. Following are the main features and benefits of handmade wedding invitations:

features and benefits of handmade wedding invitationsAdds Personal Touch

While opting for handmade wedding invitations you need to painstakingly do everything from designing the invitation to organising the contents of it. Since it is made with lot of love and attention to each guest, it has a very unique personal touch which is not there with readymade invitations.

Handmade Invitations are Unique

The uniqueness of handmade invitations are probably the single most important aspect which is not possible with professionally designed invitations. If you desire for an exquisite invitation for your wedding, it is best to go for handmade ones, or else you need to spend a lot of your time and money with the card designers. On the contrary, with handmade invitation cards you have total control on the design and look of it, and also you can include quite a few handmade aspects to the overall design.

Customized Invitation for Each Guest

This is another significant aspect of going for handmade invitations in place of the expensive common ones available in the market. While you are making personalised invitation for each one of your guests, it indeed becomes memorable because of the sheer hard work and dedication behind it. You can do it either by keeping the basic design common for all the cards and then make alterations in each, or create an entirely distinct design for each guest. This is certainly taxing and time consuming, but equally rewarding as each guest will cherish this personal and memorable invitation.

Handmade Invitations are Cost Effective

Wedding involves lots of expenses and it is really hard to stick to the budget most of the times. When you are opting for handmade invitations, along with making them more personal you are saving a great deal of money as well. You can purchase the ready make plain cards from the market and design and print your own content in those, which is very cost effective compared to the readymade ones.

If you still think that it is tedious to make handmade invitations, you can go online and check for a multitude of sites which provide DIY ideas for making handmade wedding invitation cards.


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