You don’t have to be thinking about expensive printed invitations when you are looking for wedding invitations ideas. The homemade ones are just as elegant and they also have added value because you have been working with them.

Wedding Invitations Ideas

Simple paper as one of the wedding invitation ideas

You may know that the easiest way to create a homemade wedding invitation is to start with a blank card. You can find standard folded cards that also come with matching envelopes.

The first thing that you have to do to follow this idea for wedding invitations is to pick the card of the color and the size that you would like.

Then all you have to do is to create the image of the invitation in a software and then print it on the empty cards. You should also get some handmade paper and then add a piece to the outer part of the card.

Make sure that in case of this idea for wedding invitations the paper has the same size as the card. You don’t need to use scissors to cut the paper; you can also use a ruler and this is even better.

In the end you should decorate with a ribbon, dried flowers, belly band or leaves.

Vellum inlay

This is another idea for wedding invitations that you can create on your own. In case you are using handmade paper, it might be difficult to print on it. This is why it is better to print on another piece of paper and then secure them together.

A good idea might be to print on vellum paper, and then attach it to the homemade paper. This way the wedding invitation ideas will seem to be a lot more elegant.

So, you have to start with printing the text of the idea for wedding invitations on vellum paper. Then cut the vellum to the size that you want your invitation to be. You will also have to cut the handmade paper to be of the right size. You can attach the papers to each other with the help of brad or just punch some holes and thread the ribbon through the holes, finishing with a bow. This is the way to go with this idea for wedding invitations.

Gatefold invitations

Having tri-fold invitations is really elegant especially you secure it with a ribbon. The best material to work with is heavy handmade paper. In the inside you could have vellum or cardstock. This would be bearing the text of the wedding invitation ideas.

First you have to start with cutting the paper to have the right size. Then create the inside of the invitation through printing the text on the vellum. Mark the middle of the card and fold the two sides to meet in the middle. Once you are done with the folding and you have added the text as well, just add the ribbon to the wedding invitation ideas to hold the two sides in their right place.



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