Although some people prefer to have a bachelor party or a bachelorette party, a lot of couples would like to celebrate together so they are looking for couples’ wedding shower invitations. In case you are searching for invitation ideas, you should think about the style of your wedding.

Couples Wedding Shower Invitations

Hawaiian luau

If your wedding happens to have a Hawaiian theme or if you will have your honeymoon in Hawaii, this is the right invitation theme for you.

There should be a man and a woman on the invitations dressed in clothes specific for the Hawaiian Islands so that the guests will get the feeling of the shower.


On the other hand, in case you are having a Mexican theme or you will have your honeymoon in Mexico, when it comes to the invitations for wedding showers for couples you could have two people on the invitation wearing that special Mexican hat, the sombrero.


It is usual for the guests to bring some gifts to the couple and, although some may find it rude, you could have this picture on the invitations.

Have piles of gifts on the sides of the invitation and add the text to the center of it.

Barbeque shower

It is possible that you will have your shower in the form of a barbeque. When thinking about the invitation designs for couples’ wedding shower you should have a man and a woman with aprons that have the names of the couple standing near a barbeque.

Elegant designs

If you would like to have sophisticated couples’ wedding shower invitations, think about having the silhouettes of a man and a woman on your invitations in black and white. In this case it is a must for the backsplash to have some color, such as pastel yellow.

Cocktail party

The people organizing a cocktail party for their wedding shower should consider as couples’ designs for wedding shower invitations a simple invitation that has ‘Cheers’ written on it along with the details of the shower. In this case there is no need for a flashy design.

The truth is there are so many different designs for couples’ wedding shower invitations that it is difficult for couples to choose. You should go with whatever feels suitable and opt for the design that reflects your personality.

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