Chinese wedding invitations are known for its elegance and simplicity. The invitation cards that are sent to different invitees are always unique and classy.

Chinese people are way too particular when it comes to printing an invitation card and sending it to their guests. There are some elements that you will find in each and every Chinese invitation card and below given is a list of these few elements:

chinese wedding invitation

Dragon and Phoenix

Though there are many elements in the Chinese wedding invitations, but the most common element that would be seen in almost all the wedding cards is “dragon and phoenix”. Dragon and Phoenix are known as the “Lords of Chinese”. This is a symbol of eternal change as the phoenix was originally and eternally born from its own ashes.

The four benevolent animals in which Chinese believed are: Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn and Tortoise. Therefore the elements of Dragon and Phoenix can be most commonly found in their wedding invitations.

Double Happiness

The double happiness element in the Chinese wedding invitation cards has a very fruitful meaning. As per the meaning “first happiness” simply means that the bride and the groom are getting married and they will be seen as a happily hitched couple. While the “second happiness” implies that the bride and groom should remain happy in the years to come.

Therefore this element “double happiness” appears as a blessing to both bride and groom and is therefore printed on the Chinese wedding invitation cards. While designing a Chinese wedding card, people usually combine “double happiness” with some floral prints to give it a catchy look.

Red and Golden Color

For the Chinese people, red color is a symbol of “good luck”. When the Chinese invitations are sent to the people, the cards are generally printed in the red color so that the bride and the groom experience a lucky future ahead. Red color is helpful in shooing away the bad omen and bad luck on the day of their marriage.

As the color red symbolizes FIRE in Chinese metaphysics, wedding invitations are in red color so as to give strength, energy and joy to the married couple. Golden color is a symbol of “wealth and happiness” and thus Chinese people opt to design their wedding invitations in red and golden color so that the soon-to-be married couple experiences a healthy, wealthy, happy and joyous future ahead.


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