Zombie themed weddings are the new in-thing and it is not uncommon to see people opting for these wedding ceremonies. Conventional wedding ceremonies are being ditched by most people and a lot are turning to Halloween themed ceremonies to add the much needed uniqueness and glitz. If you too are interested in having a zombie wedding ceremony, you can try out the following given 7 ideas:

zombie wedding ceremony ideasSelect a Ghoulish Location

The first tip or idea to have a zombie wedding ceremony is to select a ghoulish location. A ghastly location will totally put your guests in the feel of the zombie theme and will prove to be more fun. Some ideas for zombie locations are cemeteries, a creepy club, an abandoned motel or an abandoned shopping center.

Hire a Team of Professionals

Another great idea to have a zombie wedding ceremony is by hiring a professional team of workers who can help turn the ceremony into a ghastly zombie event. Professionals will help your guests dress up and turn the location into something scary and zombie-like.

Get the Music Right

Any regular wedding ceremony could have regular romantic tracks but a zombie-themed wedding must have fitting music. Hire a DJ or a professional musician who can create music which goes both with the theme and the wedding ceremony.

Choose the Right Flowers

Another superb idea for a perfect zombie wedding ceremony is to choose the right flowers. Even a zombie wedding is incomplete without flowers but you must be careful about which flowers you choose.

Choose flowers which go with your theme and make sure your flower arrangements to complement the theme and feel of the function.

Find the Right Caterer

Food is an important part of any wedding and same is true for a zombie-wedding. Make sure your food arrangements are creepy enough but do not compromise on the taste.

A great idea for a zombie-themed wedding is to have a brain topped wedding cake which can be made by using royal icing. Additionally, include food cut into shapes of body parts to make the theme more believable and realistic.
To add more fun to the ceremony, do things like attack the guests or stage some other kind of drama.
Even the wedding invitation cards can have funky titles like ‘you are invited to the event of world of zombie invasion’ or something similar.

Thus the above given ideas will surely make your wedding a day to remember not only for you but your guests as well.

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