In case your wedding day is soon, you can get some smart and inexpensive tips for adding more personal style in your wedding accessories.

One of them is the idea of homemade napkins that will shine your festive table and amaze with their color scheme. There are varieties of lines you could choose, but make sure they fit the wedding style.

For outdoor ceremonies, napkins with white and blue colors are the perfect decision that adds a more traditional touch for your table. In case you want to choose luxury fabrics, you must know that 1 yard of fabric goes for 4 napkins with typical sizes.

wedding napkin 01The wedding napkins are often made of cotton, but you can change it and buy a soft Egyptian cotton in order to apply a sophisticated design for your guests.

wedding napkin 02There are even satin napkins, but they match mostly wedding in a super lavish style. You can also experiment with the neutral tones and find the best color scheme that could fit the whole wedding.

wedding napkin 03



  1. I’ll plan to marry and still finding the wedding napkins. Do you have any idea for suggest me? BTW, Thanks! for your great article, I will bookmark it.


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