Flowers are an important part of any wedding. Preparation and choosing a bouquet is never an easy issue, but you should take a look at what the experts from DIY project have as a suggestion for your wrist corsages.

In case you are choosing to have a wrist corsage, just make sure it is matching your whole wedding style. Flower in your wrist corsage is the best idea when it comes to fresh and exotic style. Choose magnolia or orchard flowers which are always proper for such events.

For brides, which want an entirely different style, simply add different colorful wrist corsages. Another good idea is to prepare three different styles of corsages, because they are typically worn by your mother, grandmother, sisters and bridesmaids.

Just choose between the typical proms wrist corsages with roses and white lace. You can also put green leaves, which will surely contrast with your white gown.

Another advantage of choosing wrist corsage is that it is far cheaper than the typical wedding bouquets.



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