There isn’t a girl who saw “Sex & the city” and did not fall in love with the cool ladies and the actresses that played them.

As in the life of any girl comes the moment when they have to face marriage, the beautiful heroines of the screen had to meet the moment too.

Let’s see which of the four friends fits your type of bride and which “Sex & the city bride” are you.

1. Carrie – The Fashion Diva

If you like the most outstanding wedding gowns, and if the hairstyle you are going to wear is completely not related to tradition then you fit the Carrie image of a bride. This means you would pick the latest trend in designer gowns not being afraid to wear something out of the box.


Nothing will be traditional about your wedding outfit or posture and be sure you will be remembered as a spectacular looking bride for many years to come.

2. Charlotte – The Tradition Addict

If the traditional, blushing bride is your wedding dream, then you are the classic Charlotte. This means your wedding will go by the book following every steps of the tradition, looking into every detail.


Yes, it would mean you are a little obsessive compulsive about the whole thing and that you will be a fairy tale princess from the beginning to the end of your wedding.

3. Miranda – The Expedite Convention

When Miranda married, she did it in a suit and the whole thing made her uncomfortable. Perhaps the character was pushed to the maximum but if you are the active woman, cerebral and cool, carrying only about the legal part and going by the book, Miranda’s style is yours too.


Make sure to make a bit of room for a drop of romance for marriage is more than just a contract.

4. Samantha – Not Your Regular Type Of A Bride

One would sooner see Sam dressed in a killer black dress than in a white lace one, but the man eater would surely be fascinating as a bride provided the groom will be man enough to dare and have sex with her during the very wedding reception.


If you are a wild cat that likes life and wild things, you will not be the typical blushing bride but you will have a very original wedding.



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