wedding proposalWhen you feel the time is now right for you to propose to your loved one then you better be innovative and do it right.

Don’t do anything that is predictable and boring, it has to be a moment worth remembering even if she says no!

A big, larger than life billboard of your loved one’s portrait with the, ”Will you marry me?” question on the side will be the most romantic way to propose.

As she makes her way to work, she and half of the city will see the billboard and many women will be jealous of her. Although this method is nice it is a bit impersonal as such a question should be asked face to face.

Graffiti well designed and attention seeking outside her work place wall will be received with shock and awe. Be sure to seek the building owner’s permission to paint on it with washable paints.

And speak to her boss and if you are lucky the boss will be a hopeless romantic and will allow you to temporarily deface the wall.

If you are wealthy you may charter a private jet and take your loved one to a secret location. She will be so excited about the secret location and will not expect a surprise when you propose in mid air.

This will be romantic and intimate and will give her a chance to make up her own mind without interfering remarks from friends and family. Be sure to have asked for her father’s blessing beforehand so that she is not intimidated into turning you down.

Making an utter fool of yourself is usually a great way to prove your love to a woman. It shows that she is the only one who matters to you and that you would do anything for her. So serenade her in the middle of the night and wake all the neighbors if you must.

Tell her you will not be moved until she agrees to be your wife. When the police come to arrest you for disturbing the peace she will melt and give into your demands.

Surprise her by having all her possessions removed from her flat while she is at work and only leave a banner written, ”You’ve stolen my heart, I’ve taken your stuff. Marry me?”. This quote may read whatever you would like it to but try not to make it seem like a demand. Saying, ”I’ve moved your stuff to our house” will be very presumptive and cute at the same time.

The sweetest way to make a verbal engagement official is to slip the ring on her finger while she is sleeping and the first thing she sees when she wakes up will be the ring and a note saying, ”Will you marry me?”.

These are definitely unique ways to propose!



  1. A great collection of creative and unique romantic wedding can make marriage proposal sweet and memorable with these.thanks for sharing..great writing!


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