Wedding day is the biggest event in a woman’s life. Khris Cochran knows this, since she is expert in preparing every detail of a perfect wedding.

gourmet popcorn buffetHer latest offer is headed to those brides, which want to add an unusual style at their party- preparing Gourmet Popcorn Buffet for the guests.

This is not a service, which can be found in the wedding agencies, hence it’s brand new. If you are willing to amaze your guests with sweet and salty popcorns, this is your way.

What better manner to say thanks than popcorns with different flavors, set in handmade designed containers? All you need is galvanized containers, popcorns in different flavors, small paper bags and cards with the names of your guests.

popcorn containerYou can even label your popcorn containers with different motifs, according to your wedding style. Add your personal touch with cards on every popcorn containers and draw on them whatever you like. Fill the containers with popcorns and set them in paper bags.



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