The majority of the brides wish to have their wedding in the summer because they have more freedom of choice and there are fewer things that could go wrong. If you are one of these brides you might be interested in the wedding ideas for summer 2013.

Wedding Ideas for Summer 2013

Dynamic colors

The bright hues are really popular for the summer weddings. This season, it is very trendy to go for the sophisticated brights. It is best to stick to two colors so that there will be continuity.

Make sure that you choose only one dynamic color for a strong statement. For instance you may have pink centerpieces and bold orange tablecloths.


Summer is the time for having fun, so when it comes to the ideas for wedding in summer 2013 consider some laid back music. A string trio or a pianist might work as well, but usually summery and alternative music has more success. For the cocktail hour, have light music but spice things up when the night comes.


In case you are looking for wedding ideas for summer 2013 you should know that the beach and garden themes are really popular. Think about the things that you enjoy; bring to your wedding the mountains or the beach. Another idea is to incorporate your honeymoon destination into the wedding theme.


When considering the advice for summer weddings in 2013, you should surprise your guests with unexpected invitations. Although you might be tempted to go for neutral colors, think about printing the invitations of fuchsia colored paper. You can also have a cream colored base and have fuchsia colored writing.


Citruses are a popular element of summer, so you should use them for the wedding ideas for summer 2013. Talk to your caterer about creating special centerpieces made of fruits. For instance you could have a watermelon for holding the rest of the fruits.

Wine smoothies

In order for the wedding tips for summer 2013 to be refreshing, you should offer the guests something cold. Forget about daiquiris and margaritas and go for the wine smoothies. This is made of fruity wine, fruits and ice. The good thing about these drinks is that they come will less alcohol than the classic cocktails.

There are a lot of wedding ideas for summer 2013 that you would love for your summer wedding.

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