While it is the dream of some people to have a big and fabulous wedding, there are some others that are looking for some simple wedding ideas. If you are one of these people, then you are in the right place.

Short list

People tend to add hundreds of people to the guest list. Nonetheless think about the fact that every person that you add is less important than the one you have added previously. If you are looking for ideas for a simple wedding then you should cut all the people that aren’t really important to you, and make the wedding more intimate.

Simple Wedding IdeasNo gifts, just help

In case you want to find ideas for a simple wedding, then here is one: don’t ask for gifts, only for help. As an example, in case there are some people who have musical talent, you could ask them to take care of the music.

Also if one of your friends is an amateur photographer, you could ask him to provide you with the photos.

Stay at home

One of the most popular simple wedding ideas is to have the wedding outdoors or at home. Renting a place for the ceremony and the reception might be quite expensive, so you could have the wedding at home or at a public park. Most probably you will have the reception outdoors as well, so you won’t have to rent a place for it.

What about the food

When considering ideas for a simple wedding you don’t have to think about fancy food. You can handle the food yourself, naturally with some help from your relatives and friends. This way you can cut costs. In case this isn’t a possibility, then you should look for a family-owned restaurant and ask the owner to cater your wedding.

No flowers (almost)

When it comes to simple wedding ideas, you don’t have to think about huge flower centerpieces that last only for a day. Opt for a single flower for the bridesmaids and a small bouquet for the bride. In case you have a rose bush, you can get the flowers yourself, minimizing the costs through this idea for a simple wedding.


It is common for people considering ideas for a simple wedding to also think about gifts for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. Think about offering books with a special meaning. Write in the books the occasion and why you though that the book in question is suitable


The invitations are usually quite expensive, so in case of simple wedding ideas you should think about making your own wedding invitations. You can create the design and pick the paper. All there is left to pay for is the printing.


You don’t really need an expensive DJ, it is enough to have a home stereo and some good music. As simple wedding ideas, place the speakers around the dance floor (there is no need for them in the reception area) and you can use your own CDs with music.



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