Some people say that if you reach a certain age, you are too old to get married. Wrong! You can never get too old to dream about the perfect wedding and also to have it. Here are some creative wedding ideas.

The venue

When you are thinking about wedding ideas that are creative you should first consider the location of the wedding because that influences every other decision that you are going to make. As an example in case of a beach wedding, you aren’t going to get a traditional wedding gown, are you? This is why this must be the first thing you pick, and then go on from here with the wedding ideas that are creative.

Creative Wedding Ideas

Numerous older brides choose not to have a church wedding. Instead, they opt for less traditional places, including the beach, teahouse, garden, ranch, or theater.

Destination or theme

It is one of the wonderful creative wedding ideas to have a destination wedding, but consider those destinations that are less traditional, such as Mackinac Island, New Orleans, Alaska or Niagara Falls.

Also, you should consider those things that both you and your partner like, such as golf.

You could build the entire wedding around golf. On the other hand, if you both like horses, it may be a wedding idea that is created to have the wedding on a ranch. At the moment when you decide on the theme, you should make a plan so that the theme won’t become tacky or overdone.


It isn’t really one of the creative wedding ideas to have a wedding at the time of day when everybody else does. Instead opt for a more special moment, as sunset or sunrise. You can have a beach wedding at the sunset or a garden wedding during the afternoon. You could also have your wedding at midnight or at an early brunch.

Don’t miss out all the fun

You don’t have to get stressed about the wedding. You should enjoy it, and it is also one of the wedding ideas that are creative to involve your children or step-children in the preparations to have some family fun. You could have the wedding at a park, a zoo, or in case you are getting married in the winter, you can also have a sleigh ride followed by an informal reception.


The creative wedding ideas regarding the invitations are infinite, but the most important thing is for the invitations to reflect your personality and the personality of your fiancé. You could have a photo invitation or an invitation on a DVD. If you have some skills regarding the computer, you could create your own personalized invitation.

The dress

One of the most important things which you have to find when looking for wedding ideas that are creative is the wedding dresses. The truth is that the majority of the dresses have been created for the younger brides. Most probably you want to stay away from the princess-style gowns.

As you can see, there are many creative wedding ideas if you want a dream wedding and you are over 40. Nothing can stop you from being a beautiful bride.



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