There is a way to avoid confusions at the table during your wedding day. In case you want each guest to find the right place at the table, use those innovative ideas for chalkboards that guide each guest to his place.

wedding chalkboardChalkboards have been under the spotlight into wedding design for a long time, but lately the idea of using them is going to be more popular, hence it is adding a unique style in the most important day of your life. They are made with different shapes and even with frames.

The idea of framed small chalkboards suits perfect for all wedding styles and represent a simple black board with written guest name in a sweet frame. This way guests will be able to find their place and you will avoid the typical confusions with the seats.

In case you don’t want chalkboards in frames that identify each guest, you can add a huge simple chalk board with the order of the tables that indicates the guest list and the right places.



  1. Many of you customers order custom size chalkboards for their weddings, framed or unframed! There are so many wonderful and creative ideas for using chalkboards.


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