More and more couples opt for having a vegan wedding. It looks like there are more people who are willing to share their view of life with the people around them, even on the day of their wedding.

vegan wedding


You could choose the same places as the non-vegan weddings, but you might want to get closer to nature. Also think about the ease of getting to the location. It might be a good idea to have the wedding at an organic garden. This is a good choice for the people who like gardening and local fresh food.

You can express your love of nature if you hold your wedding in a park, garden or botanical garden. Think whether you will have the ceremony and the reception in the same place. This way there will be no traveling. In such cases it is just perfect to have a garden wedding.

Find the caterer in advance

It is important to find a caterer in time who can make good food and who can use substitute foods. The caterer should accept your wishes and should be able to prepare the food even if he or she usually prepares non-vegan food. It is a good idea not to overlook the non-vegan caterers.

If you are working with a non-vegan chef, you will have to have a bit more control over the situation. If the caterer and the venue don’t agree with your expectations, you might have to replace them.

The budget

Although you might think that the menu for a vegan wedding is less expensive than a regular menu, you could be wrong. This is because if you are serving meals of organically based meals, these might be more expensive than the regular meals. If the caterer doesn’t specialize in food of this kind or if you want substitute style foods, it can raise the costs.

However you might decrease the costs if you agree to keep the menu simple. Opt for the seasonal and local ingredients to save some money. If you buy local goods you will support the local economy and you can be sure that the food is fresh.

Organic food should also concern you. Should the food be all organic, some organic or this is something that you really don’t care about? This is important because usually organic food tends to be more expensive than the other kinds of food.



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