Are you ready to announce your engagement amongst your friends? If so, think about a special way to announce it, a way that matches your style, because not only the wedding shows your personality, but the engagement also says a lot about you.

Announce The WeddingTherefore, the big announcement will show others something about you two, as a couple.

If the classic newspaper doesn’t satisfy you, check out the list of ingenious ways to announce your engagement, below.

The web-savvy couple

If you don’t have a wedding blog already, it’s time to publish one. Because more and more people are using the internet, this is the hottest way of mass communication.

Because you can share information very fast, blogs are very helpful, allowing you to receive quick feedback and congratulations.

Therefore, you can create a wedding web page for free, sharing all the details of the proposal. Further, you can keep your friends updated about the wedding.

The entertainers

Does your group of friends (or a large number of friends) know you and your fiancé as the ones who throw the best parties? Then letting them know about the engagement is not hard. The perfect way is to throw a surprise engagement party in your style.

Gather your nearest friends, keep the secret and surprise them during the party. The location for the party can be a downtown restaurant you all like, a classy cocktail lounge or other favorite places.

The shy guys

If drawing attention to yourselves makes you to feel uneasy, you may consider announcing the engagement during a holiday. The advantages are that the ones close to you are together already and they’re focusing on the vacation, having a good time.

Therefore, when you tell them about the engagement you will only create a more celebrating atmosphere, but without drawing much attention. This way, your announcement will never be forgotten and you won’t be in the spotlight alone.

The snap-happy couple

Did your loved one propose during a vacation? Then you most certainly have lots of photos from your vacation, with many places that you want to share with your family and friends. If you took the photos with a digital camera, you can create an online photo album, in which you put together pictures that tell the story of your proposal.

The first photos should be of different places and views and the last two should be with you two engaged and with your new engagement ring. This is a great way to start a new chapter, letting your loved ones know about your experiences. If you didn’t use a digital camera, a classic photo album will work in the same way.

If you like games, you can play the Chinese Whisperer game, letting your friends pass along the big news. However, if you feel that none of these methods presented above matches your style, feel free to use your imagination and announce your engagement in a creative way that shows your personality and make sure you show your joy when being congratulated.



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