In order to make sure that your wedding reception will be a success, you should think about the traditional wedding seating plans. These give you guidelines regarding the place that each guest should have and you can be sure that these plans were tried by other couples with success.

Traditional Wedding Seating Plans

Bridal party wedding seating plans that are traditional

If you are going to share your table with the wedding party, you should sit beside your partner. The maid of honor should sit near the groom, while the best men’s place is besides the bride. If there are more people at the table they should follow the bridesmaid-groomsman-bridesmaid pattern.

If there are younger people when it comes to the seating plans for traditional wedding, usually they sit with their parents. In case you have both a matron of honor and a maid of honor, the maid of honor should be seated beside the groom and the matron of honor between two groomsmen.

Having your own table

You don’t have to worry about the traditional wedding seating plans if there are only you guys and the maid of honor and the best man sitting at your table. Optionally you could have their partners at the table as well, but this depends on how large the table is. Another possibility is to have your parents by your sides.

The parents

In the majority of the cases when it comes to the wedding seating ideas that are traditional, the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom usually sit at the same table along with the wedding official and his or her partner. You could also have the parents sitting at separate tables with their family members.

In case you are thinking about the traditional wedding seating plans, you should make sure that the tables of the parents are the closest to yours. If your parents are divorced, it is best if they sit at separate tables. It is said that the hosts of the party are the parents of the bride, so they should sit at the opposite ends of the table.

Get practical

The couples thinking about the traditional wedding seating plans should know that if the dance floor separates the room into two, there should be family members of the couple on both sides, so that they can mingle. It is also important to sit the families with small children close to the restrooms.


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