A lot of men are looking for the top marriage proposal ideas because this is something that they will always remember. They want to make it perfect and memorable, but here is some news for them: they can’t go wrong, no matter what they do, their partner will always remember.

Top Marriage Proposal Ideas


One of the classic ideas is to take your partner to the place where you met or where you had your first date. Tell her that you had an amazing journey and that you would like to continue it for the rest of your life if she would do you the honor of marrying you.


Although this one of the best marriage proposal ideas may sound like a cliché, Christmas is the perfect time to propose. You could hang the ring between the ornaments and ask her to find it or simply retrieve it and pop the question. From this time on this will become her favorite holiday.

Trivia game

A lot of couples play games of this kind and you may use them when it comes to the top marriage proposal ideas. When you are playing you should tell her something like; your question is: Will you marry me? Most probably you already know the answer, but for sure she will be surprised.

Scavenger hunt

If she is more adventurous, this is one of the marriage proposal ideas that are the best will be just perfect for you. You should organize a scavenger hunt and guess what the prize is: you, for a lifetime (if she says yes, of course).

Create a path

This one of the top marriage proposal ideas is something like the scavenger hunt. You should create a path towards the ring. This could be made of rose petals or use candles. Another idea is to spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ of rose petals, for the more romantic people.

Sticky notes

In case you are looking for fun tips for marriage proposal, consider this: place sticky notes around the house and write on them things you love about her and indicate the location of the next sticky note. On the last one you should mention that there are thousands of other reasons as well and ask her whether she wants to marry you.

It is best if you come up with your own top marriage proposal ideas.


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