ring tattooSometimes couples decide to get tattooed on their ring fingers, the tattoo of a wedding ring in the place where a wedding ring would otherwise be.

This is done to be different from others, to make an indelible and permanent mark of your commitment to your partner or as a form of revolt against traditional weddings and their trappings.

Sometimes it may be an option for those that have an allergy to metals and find themselves unable to wear actual rings.

A ring tattoo is permanent and therefore stands for stability. It isn’t something that you just slip into your pocket one day when you decide to take a break.

Also the design is unchangeable, so while you can get yourself a new wedding ring if you and your partner wish, you are stuck with a tattoo ring’s design for all time.

This is not something you can change when you either tire of it, or want a change. If god forbids a marriage ends, this may form an unwelcome and constant reminder of something that one views as a mistake.

Lasers can remove these tattoos, but they are expensive and can be painful. So if you are considering the option of a wedding ring tattoo, understand that there are pitfalls to this novel concept that indicates the permanence of a union.



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