There are moments in life when making decisions can make you “persona non grata” or can turn you into the most popular person. Choosing bridesmaids can be exactly that.

Usually when a big, traditional wedding is organized, the bridesmaids are a must and it becomes the bride’s responsibility to choose them.

The bride is also responsible for choosing the outfits, the flower bouquets and the escorts for the bridesmaids.

For some brides this task becomes quite a fun occasion but for others the battle is on with little odds to be won.

In order to keep it simple, there are certain rules that need to be followed so the bride’s part would not turn into a disaster.

The wedding and the bridesmaids

If you plan to have a big wedding or a small wedding, make sure you synchronize the number of bridesmaids with it.

If you plan to invite a lot of relatives, keep in mind that at least one or two of the girls will expect to be made a bridesmaid.

Keep in mind that not all your friends would be able to financially attend to the task so you must be sure what you expect of your bridesmaids before you decide which ones you choose.

The list

If you find it hard to decide between two or several girlfriends putting in the balance the pros and cons will for sure make your task less complicated.

Not all brides get obsessive on matching the height and the figure of the bridesmaids with theirs but you should know very different figures would be embarrassed by each other and will make your bridesmaids feel uncomfortable.

The dresses

This is a very difficult task for the bride since it is very important not to make her bridesmaids feel awkward when choosing a certain dress design.

You should keep in mind that no matter how good of a friend a bridesmaid is, a weird dress will make her hate you even if she says she likes it. It is better to choose a classy design able to fit any figure and also a lovely color able to fit any complexion.

The bridesmaid’s favors

It is accustomed for the bride to offer something to her bridesmaids and all the brides know that something can become a lovely memory through which they would be fondly remembered.

The most popular choices are a lovely piece of jewelry, a cosmetic goodie bag or a box of sweet treats. Still, keep in mind that a lovely note with your thoughts written fondly in your handwriting would be an excellent touch.



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