successful weddingsExperience is the best teacher’, it is one of the best life lessons that we have learnt and are still learning on a daily basis.

Likewise when it comes to weddings, we all want to learn a unique and unforgettable wedding but we can’t have one if we don’t get a few tips from those who had successful weddings.

There is nothing wrong with borrowing a few ideas if you are going to make yours a success.

Religious wedding ceremony is by far the most popular of all wedding ceremonies. This is where a priest, minister or rabbi is the one that ‘marries’ you.

Your vows are exchanged in the eyes of God and the church.  You are allowed to write your own vows, unlike a civil wedding ceremony where they write out your vows for you.

A religious wedding doesn’t always mean that the reception should be in a church building. Not at all, the outdoor setting is becoming a popular favourite with successful outcomes.

Be more fun loving on your wedding day and head for the beach. Think about the palm trees, the sand and the big blue sea. This setting will make your wedding more memorable.

A botanical garden wedding also makes the list of a unique and popular wedding venue. Share this beautiful day with Mother Nature and all that she has to offer.

Better yet, why not a cruise wedding, where your entire wedding team and guests share this moment with you while sailing on the blue seas.

Wedding themes also have a huge impact to the general decor and setting of your wedding. You can base your theme on colour, season or a specific holiday.

A unique wedding theme based on a particular holiday may be the Christmas theme. The main colours will be red, green and white. Introduce snow flakes engraved in your table cloths and napkins.

For a seasonal based theme, a winter themed wedding for example will be ideal in a building with blue, silver and white as your main colours. Just choose among these popular themes and you will have that dream wedding you have pictured over and over in your mind.

The food you are going to serve on your wedding better be fresh and contain less of common allergies like spices and nuts. Either provide a wide variety of foodstuffs or limit nuts and spices in all your menus.

Your guests will forever remember your wedding, if not because of your decor or wedding theme then they will definitely remember your wedding because of the food.



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