The unofficial wedding season is on us again and if you’re lucky enough to be going to one, your mind has no doubt turned to thinking about wedding guest dresses.

Finding the perfect dress for the occasion can be a tricky task. It needs to be suitable, glamorous and comfortable enough to wear all day and well into the evening (unless you chose to take a change of clothes). Just keep in mind that when choosing your outfit(s) that even though you want to look great and stand out, you must never wear white and don’t wear anything that is too short or too tight.

Wedding Styles

Most weddings are semi-formal, so therefore you should try to choose a cocktail dress for evening, and a shorter dress or suit for daytime. If the invitation doesn’t specify any type of dress code then semi-formal dresses are the best choice for a spring wedding. Look for to- the-knee or slightly above skirts and fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin, or taffeta, and minimal or no beading. Most importantly, look for something that makes you feel beautiful and like you’re ready to celebrate!

So why not give the LBD the boot and give your evening style a seasonal twist with this cute coral dip-hem dress complete with a sheer and sexy chiffon overlay. Just add a sparkling clutch and simple heels for a simple and effective style.

Lipstick Boutique with Jessica Wright. Beat the winter blues and get yourself party-perfect in this stunning red dress. With a striking box neckline and figure-hugging fit, this is sure to turn heads!

Here are some more ideas for your perfect spring wedding outfit.

  • Unusual patterns and prints – Abstract and daring prints in an array of exciting colours are making a comeback in 2013. This is a great look and as it has only recently returned in fashion terms, you can be sure that you’ll be setting the trends with a unique, chic look at any wedding if you‘re wearing this print.
  • Beautiful Polka dots – Could anything be more feminine and pretty than polka dots? This spring 2013 polka dots are making a return and they are even bigger and bolder than ever. Available in many fantastic colours, try mixing your polka-dotted items with other patterns for that stylish 1950s springtime twist.

Brightly coloured outfits – The brighter the better! Once you’ve tried it you won’t be able to get enough of this look. Go on – make a statement! Try pairing bold and solid coloured garments together to create a playful and daring wedding outfit.



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