wedding dinnerIf you are planning a wedding and reception then you have come to realize one of the most difficult decisions in regards to your big day is whether to have a sit-down meal or a buffet.

And once you determine whether it is going to be a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style dinner you will also need to determine what you are going to serve your guests.

How about having a later evening wedding and having hors de oeuvres at your reception? Men and women in black and white tuxedos would walk around your reception with toothpick friendly-yet very classy appetizers and offer these to your guests.

If you have thought about the mingling and joining of your world and your fiancés world a butler-inspired hors de oeuvres reception is something you should think about.

This angle will save you some money yes however that is not entirely the point. Who wants to sit down for an hour or two while the bride and groom are sitting at a table with their wedding parties whom they have most likely been spending a lot of time with in preparation for the wedding?



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