In case you are planning your wedding and it is time for the rehearsal dinner, here are few tips about the etiquette, which should be followed at the event. Make a plan, in order to follow the usual wedding etiquette.

The rehearsal dinner is usually hosted by the parents of the groom and if they are living in a different town, the rehearsal dinner may be hosted by other members of the groom’s family or even the parents of the bride. If you are wondering about the invitations, you don’t need to create special invitations for the rehearsal dinner.

rehearsal dinner

You can invite the people by phone or email, but you should give more details about the dinner location and the date.

In case you already decided to have rehearsal dinner invitations, make sure they resemble the wedding invitation so you can add a small thankful note inside. You don’t need to invite all the wedding guests.

Typically the rehearsal dinner etiquette is all about intimate atmosphere. You should invite the two families and the closest friends to the wedding rehearsal, but this depends on your budget.

dinner etiquetteThe wedding experts recommend keeping the rehearsal dinner as a family event, instead of filling it with too many people.

The location of the rehearsal dinner should be different from the wedding location.

Many people prefer to organize their rehearsal dinners in small cafes, cozy restaurants or even outdoors in the garden, if it is summer and the weather allows it.

The bride and the groom should choose the place, in order to feel more relaxed and calm, so avoid big noisy places and concentrate on small intimate spots.

The food that should be served also matters. Avoid serving plain food and don’t go too official on the menu. Choose some chicken and salad, in order not to repeat the wedding menu next day.

A very important part of the rehearsal dinner is making toasts. The host is the one that starts the dinner with a toast and that should be followed by the others. A short speech is also acceptable, but it is recommendable to be a different speech from the one that host is going to say at the wedding.

The rehearsal dinner favors are a must, but they should differ from the wedding ones. Choose favors that are more intimate, for you will present them to your closest friends and family members.



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