The letters and the way of displaying them can get really fun on your wedding occasion. There are various templates you can get inspired by on the internet; we have already selected some and the way of designing them for you.

The Just Married sign does not only belong to the back of your car, you know! You can just as well hang it on top of your reception for a surprising effect.

The characters are generally bordered by different drawings (you can even imitate the sight of classic typewriter keys with the help of the internet); you will want to go for a size of about three inches in diameter for the characters; print them in normal printing paper and punch them out afterwards.

After that is done, pass a ribbon in your favorite color (which will have to match the nuance of the wedding color design) through two tiny slits you previously made close to the top, without crossing the border of the decoration. The ribbon’s width should be of about a quarter of an inch.

You can always change the size of the letters you are planning to design with the help of your printer or your editing program on the PC.

Source: marthastewartweddings



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