Dress code is an issue, when it comes to weddings. Most of the modern brides are now doing the best in this case – simply adding the dress code on their invitation.

This is also not easy to decide, especially when you still don’t know how you want to see your guests. Don’t encourage a white dress code, because you are the bride and it is your day.

If you write casual elegance dress code on your invitation, this will be a sign you would like to see your guest in suits, but that the ties are not necessary.

dress code

Black tie weddings mean only dressy cocktail dress and high heels, while the men need to wear perfect tuxedos.

In case you don’t want to force your guests to appear wearing a too official look, write creative black tie on the wedding invitation.

This will mean they will still wear tuxedos, but the ties and the accessories are their choice.

Skipping the formal wear dress code, you wouldn’t want to see your guest with jeans so go for traditional.

The traditional dress code is Sunday best. It is official, but not necessary with a red carpet glow. Overall, it is also the right dress code, since the only highlight of the wedding party must be you and your future husband.



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