wedding receptionDepending on how many people you are inviting to your wedding you may be struggling with the thought programs.

Probably you are struggling with the decision as to whether to have a printing company mass produce your programs for the ceremony or to go with an individual who can make homemade programs with love and character.

Maybe your wedding is going to be small, quaint and intimate with fewer than 50 guests. This would be the time to consider having an individual make homemade invitations. They will go to a craft store and put together 2 to 3 samples of their work.

At this point you will choose which program you like the best, then the individual will come back at you with a bid according to the supplies and the amount of time it will take them to make the programs. You can determine at this time if you want to have the programs homemade.

If you are having a big wedding and inviting hundreds of guests you can still consider homemade programs yet that would be very pricey. Typically when the guest list is large going with a print company is the best decision.



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