In case you are a future bride to be, you are probably planning everything about the wedding day. If you didn’t plan the wedding reception and the entrance, here are few ideas that will make your wedding day even more memorable than you think it will be.

The wedding reception is one of the most pleasant rituals in a wedding, for it gives the start to the party. If you are bride that want to enter as a princess, just order a special entrance: dim the lights.

wedding reception entrance

It is the so called Hollywood entrance, not to mention you and your groom will feel more than special. Dim the lights for one or two minutes, choose an original song for the entrance and hold lit candles in your hands. This will be the beginning of something, which surely will make your guests to remember the date of your wedding.

Don’t forget to blow kisses, until you reach your seats. That’s the exact moment to live your princess dream, so do whenever it makes you feel special.

Introducing your parents is also a part of the wedding reception. Before you take your seats, simply introduce you and your husband’s parents to the guest, but don’t forget to thank your parents for the support. It is a kind and official way to show your appreciation, not to mention you will make your parents feel proud and special.

The wedding reception should contain a surprise for your guest, so think about something that will raise the spirit in the wedding night. Use a theme-go for 70s disco night, 50s romantic theme or whatever you feel right.

wedding reception entrances

If you sing well, you can sing a song for your guests, which will be the surprise of the evening. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen also should make a good part of any wedding reception. They can help you do a creative entrance.

You can go for short choreography or a dance, which will include your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Of course don’t forget to thank them publicly afterwards.

If you want more official entrance, speak to the DJ or a friend who is good in speeches. He can make a short introduction before your entrance. Allow your guests to make photos of your entrance as you ask the DJ to instruct the guests to pick up the cameras and take photos, whenever you make your entrance. This way you will feel like a real celebrity.




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