musicMusic is a universal language that is understood the world over. It is believed to have healing properties whereas others feel it is a tool for self expression.

It appeals to your subconscious and affects the way you deal with issues.

When you are depressed you will listen to slow music, when you are in love you will greatly appreciate love songs and when you are angry you might bang your head to some loud rock music. So why not harness this power and use it to ease your wedding stress?

It has been constantly drilled into female brains that your wedding day is the most special day of your life, but no one ever warns you about the enormous stress that comes with it. A million thoughts ravage through your head from wedding related decisions to lifetime decisions.

All this is worsened if you have children or a demanding career. The most stressed brides-to-be are actually brides with a tight budget and those who have to do everything themselves without the use of a wedding planner.

Talking to someone or asking for help will ease stress but most stressed people tend to rub others the wrong way so opt to use music as a stress reliever.

Massage in conjunction with music therapy has the ability to change brain patterns. It also assists patients therapeutically. This is best if you are experiencing depression and anxiety. A series of clinical research has confirmed the benefits associated with these therapies.

Even at home you can reap the benefits of music by playing classic instrumental music softly in the background as you soak in your tub with scented candles.

This will relax you and give you time to reflect and to get things into perspective. A warm bath will assure you of a good night’s sleep whereas the music will calm the chaos in your head.

While working out for a fit wedding gown body, it would help you a great deal to listen to music. Music with a fast tempo will energize you whilst distracting you from your work out.

Dancing is also a great way of relieving stress. You don’t have to follow the beat, just move your body. Dancing will burn calories and help you to forget your stress. Listen to songs you like and even to songs that you feel you can relate to.



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