Wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in our life and everyone wants their wedding to be the special one. If you want your upcoming wedding to be something that is not only remarkable and unique but also an event able to give a long lasting memory, some things might help you find the inspiration.

This is the right time for a creative lightning. Some people have been using it for room decoration because it can be customized and changed any time without any cost. This will create a new sensation of wedding since the walls are no longer something boring.

You can even use a large projector and the guests will be amazed with some falling leaves or snow dancing on the walls as they came into the room.

Those creative lightning effects could also add some graphic elements to your artistic wedding and give it a chance to become a state of art.

Before you think about the other elements, place some surprising arrangement at the entrance way to your reception. This will help you to build the first impressions and the arrangement really depends on what kind of emotion you try to emphasize.

You could use various extraordinary ideas of decorations like a 20-foot-tall floral decoration or even a big statue that is related with your wedding theme.

Wedding is also a golden opportunity to show the guests who you and your beloved are. Try thinking about a unique way but make sure that your partner will agree with your plan too.

If you want something cultural and extreme, how about riding a huge elephant to your wedding procession? This is not a joke. You could do it if you want to, but keep in mind you need to make a detailed plan so everything will be perfect.

If you don’t want something extreme to let your guests speechless, you could do it your own way. There are several rules to make sure your wedding guests will remember your wedding as an amazing event.

First, give them some pleasures like unlimited delicious foods and beverages. You could try various trends for the foods, from the modern to the healthy ones. Secondly let them know you appreciate they are present.

Sometimes, all that guests want from you on your wedding day is to let them know that you are glad they came to be with you on your happiest day.

Giving them nice wedding favors will help you make a sweet but unforgettable memory, not only for you and your partner, but also for all of your guests.

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