Always remember the guests are also an important part of your wedding.

Apart from the wedding favors that you give your guests as a thank you gesture it is also important and fun to have creative and unique guest books.

Having a perfect wedding means having good presentations in all the wedding preparations.

Looking through the wedding guest book trends will assist you greatly in getting the perfect wedding guest book for your wedding.

How about creating a wedding guest book that you can pass on to your children and possibly your grandchildren.

Maximize the number of pages and do not limit the guests in their writing and when the time comes pass it on to your children and they can use it in their own weddings.

It’s like creating a family tree through a guest book. It’s worth a try. Let your children can experience your wedding through the guest book.

You will always want to remember your wedding, everyone does. The video is fine and the photos too. Be creative and include photos in your guest book.

All guests can either bring a photo along at your request or you can hire a photographer who takes photos of your guests’ at the most unexpected times, Sounds fun hey! Have photos of your guests in the guest book.

When you want to go down memory lane you can remember all the people who were there at your wedding aside from yourself, the obvious bridal train and family.  Have a better memory record of your wedding that goes beyond the video. The guest book gives you that opportunity!!!

Including your guest book in your wedding theme would actually make it even more interesting. Have it designed in a way that it blends with your wedding theme, it probably will be the only tangible thing left to remind you of your wedding theme.

Give your guests the opportunity to be themselves. Let them write or do whatever they want on their page or pages. It’s nice to have one’s original and probably honest comments and ideas. Give them a chance to express themselves and as they please, you will definitely enjoy it in the long run.

For the cover of your guest book you could be creative, aside from the traditional bride and bridegroom photo, how about a mass photo with everyone that is the guests, bridal team. After all it is a book for the guests, get them involved in the book as much as you can.

Preparing your guest book is easy and fun. There are no hassles involved and this will be of minimal costs. It should be one of the easiest items to plan and initiate for the wedding. Wedding guest books keep the memory of your big day alive and will stay fresh in your mind especially with the photos.



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