wedding cakeEvery couple wants their wedding to be a remarkable and an unforgettable one.

The way to give guests and themselves that full expression of love, romance and joy is to have a “perfumed” memory.

That “perfumed” memories depend on the couples’ ideas and wishes from a wedding.

For instance, a “la vie en rose” type of wedding surely would include some of the following.

In a “La Vie En Rose” wedding theme, everything has to be classical and luxurious. Guests with flourish perfumes might enter the big, white hall, than enter the reception room. They would see that everything is designed with pure white and soft colors like light pink, light orange or light red.

They can hear the music: Edit Piaf singing her songs, while the beautiful bride comes in with a gorgeous Channel dress. Such dress simply is a door to perfection and luxury.

Gardenias, pink rose petals would be everywhere: on tables, floors, window curtains, etc. Also the wedding cake’s color is a so soft pink that the couple might get the idea of cutting a cloud while cutting the cake.

After the wedding, every guest has their own pearl in their hands, their noses filled with rose perfumes and their ears still hear Edit Piaf singing “La Vie En Rose”. With such a wedding the couple can remember this perfumed memory with joy and a big smile on their faces.



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