wedding ring tattooIf you are thinking of being radical and getting tattooed instead of wedding rings, you are probably wondering which way to go with the tattoos. Here are some ideas:

  • Some people decide to simply get I do tattooed on their ring finger to signify their commitment. As a humorous variation the other partner may choose to get ‘Ditto’ done rather than ‘I do’
  • Some couples may decide that a simple way never to forget an anniversary is to get the date of the wedding tattooed on the ring finger.  A good way never to get in trouble over the anniversary!
  • Traditional tattoos of the script of one’s native tongue are also a great option. Certain traditional Celtic patterns make for great tattoo ring designs. Some may choose to go biblical, with their ring tattoos. The number or reference to a particular verse from the bible that may be particularly apt to the wedding ceremony is another option.

Wedding ring tattoos are concept that is really catching on even with celebrities, who choose one of the options above or as in the case of Eva Longoria, may get a tattoo done in the form of a wrist band as a variation of the same theme.



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