Entertaining kids at weddings is one of the most difficult tasks and is among the most frequently asked questions on bridal forums. Many couples expecting their weddings to be attended by kids become anxious at the restlessness and unwanted disruption which may occur due to non-involvement of those little guests. Thus, it becomes all the more important to make plans to ensure children remain thoroughly entertained at weddings.The secret behind keeping children occupied and involved is providing them with all kinds of kid-friendly tasks and tools. Keeping this in mind, we have, in this article, come up with four ways you can keep children occupied in weddings.

Four ways to keep kids entertained in wedding

1. Table Games

Games are perhaps the best distractions to be employed by parents and couples, and most of the time, they work wonderfully. There are many ideas you can get from online forums, but let us suggest you some of them.

You can come up with a Scavenger Hunt or I spy list on the table, including items such as pink flowers, shoes, ribbon, white dress, and whatnot. Kids will become instantly interested and engage themselves, and this will bring much-needed peace to parents and wedding organizers.

2. Professional Minders

Knowing the problems non-involvement of kids at weddings may cause, organizers often resort to services offered by professional minders or babysitters who look after the kids during the wedding. These individuals engage in the supervision and entertainment of the kids in a customized area and before and after the wedding meal.

All of this, of course, comes at a price, but, hey, little guests need to be properly entertained and you, being the host, must not ignore them merely because they are little!

3. Kids photo-booth

A photo-booth is one of the most successful ideas during weddings, and the best part about these booths is that they can be easily made at home or with minimum monetary investment. All you need is creative ideas that can best keep the kids occupied.

Install a photo-booth in an area which is aloof from the busy areas, and customize them with varieties of props such as dress-up items. You can include items such as feather boas, tutus, funny hats, mustache on a stick to engage kids. To add to the fun, get mask printables from famous children shows such as The Flintstones, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, and others.

4. Customized Goody Bags

Kids expect gifts from every occasion they attend—so why not give them what they want. You can come up with handy goody bags for every one of your little guest containing age-appropriate goodies. It would not cost much to fill up these bags because you can easily avail child-friendly knick-knacks at any store.

Some of the suggestions for the goody bags include mini puzzles, crayons or picture book, bubbles, candies, juices, etc. Whatever you decide to give them, make sure you do not appear measly.

Keep the motto clear: Make kids happy and, yes, busy!


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