Most couples leave the choice of music to be played at their wedding to the DJ who is chosen to play the music on the D-day. This might force the bride and the groom, including the guests to make do with music that doesn’t appeal to them. Therefore just like all the other preparations, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the music list that you want played at your wedding dinner.

Wedding Dinner Music Memorable

While choosing the music to be played you could keep in mind the following tips.

1. Decide if you want a live band or recorded music played for your wedding dinner. Although live band music is more expensive, a band definitely wins over piped music as it brings in the dynamism with the DJ adapting to the mood of the guest ensemble and do wonders for the mood at the party.

2. You could have a background soft music playing as the guests are dining. Be sure to choose something that will not interrupt the conversation by being too loud or jarring. The idea is to provide just the right amount of harmonious melody as accompaniment to the dinner and conversation that’s flowing. Light instrumental music might be a better option than songs at this time.

3. Follow up the dinner music with the dance numbers. You may wish to decide on a special number to be played for your first dance as husband and wife. Choose something that might conjure up memories of special moments spent together, or keep it simple by deciding on which song appeals to both of you and is likely to remain you favourite through the years to come.

4. Meet the musicians before the wedding day and along with a list of the music you want played. Also, take a list of music you do not want played. That is so because you would surely not want a song with unpleasant memories be sprung at you on your special day.

5. Choose the music keeping in mind the probable preferences of your guests as well as their age.

6. Decide on an agency that can help you choose a good and experienced DJ and musicians. You may want to observe the musicians you have chosen by watching them perform at some other receptions.

What Kind of Music Should you Play?

The choice of what to play is a purely personal choice and would depend on what you and your partner would like. You may choose between rock, jazz, string quartet, or soul. Remember to throw in a good mix of different genres to suit your tastes as well as that of your guests. You may take help from some online ready made playlists available for playing at wedding dinners or simply put together something that you like.

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