I am sure that there is no one on this earth who can honestly and truthfully say that he or she doesn’t love cocktail hour, and if we are talking about a wedding, then there can be absolutely no doubt that cocktail hour would be the best part of the wedding celebrations.

This means that the wedding cocktails not only have to be creative and special, but should also showcase the predominant theme of the wedding, including the wedding colors and decorations used.

For example, if the wedding has a Victorian theme, then you could use goblets to serve your cocktails.

  • You could perhaps actually create a bar, keeping in mind the theme of the wedding and the colors and motifs used. This could well turn out to be the most attractive space at the wedding venue for your guests!
  • Don’t forget, never serve cocktails without serving munchies first; the results could otherwise become disastrous…!
  • The munchies too could be in keeping with the theme of the wedding, or be original and creative by themselves. Whatever you serve, make sure it goes with the drinks you are serving, and also that your guests do not fill themselves on just the snacks; what about the wedding feast then?
  • You could employ a professional bartender to mix the cocktails at the bar, or one of you could do the honors.
  • Think about this: you could think of serving champagne cocktails instead of using liquor; it could not only save you from having to foot a rather large liquor bill, but also save your guests a lot of headache the next day!
  • If you feel champagne may be too expensive, you could use sparkling wine instead. All your guests will appreciate it, and you could think of using two or three different sparkling wines, like for example, wines from Spain, known as Cava, Italy, known as Prosecco. Remember, wines can bring on the festive spirit as effectively as champagne or hard liquor can, and you could opt for one of these wines for making your cocktails.
  • You could create your own custom made cocktails. If you ask me, I could tell you that this type of thing will be a huge hit at any wedding, but you must have a person knowledgeable in mixing cocktails for the job, otherwise it will be a great flop.
  • One other idea is to have your custom cocktail recipes printed out in small tablets, which the guests could take home if they wished to. This will encourage better interaction and more appreciation for your creative cocktails.


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