No sooner do we hear the words “wedding day”, we immediately start comparing it to the “D-Day”, in jest, of course. Each wedding is different than the last one you attended and that’s how it should be.

A wedding typically should reflect the love that the bride and the groom share and should also incorporate their intrinsic elements that make the couple who they are. Having said of all of this, we can go out on a limb and say that most women dream of a fairytale wedding and that’s where the bells start ringing. What most couples probably don’t infer is that you can still have a dream/fairy tale wedding without burning a hole into your pockets and what is essentially the most memorable event of your life need not succumb to the ails of huge credit card debts.

6 Ideas to an Affordable Wedding

Now, you might be wondering that this is all good on paper, but how do we actually go about planning and executing an affordable wedding. Well, for that, just read on:

1. Plan it properly

Some would say that the workings of the heart are seldom planned. But we say in order to achieve your dream wedding on a budget, you need to plan it. Planning puts you in good stead where you can hunt for the right location, the right dress, the right caterers (if you are opting for one) without pressing the snooze on the panic button simply because time is running out

2. Sartorial prudence

You definitely can’t have a wedding without a dress or a tuxedo. Unless you are completely open to experiment with the usual wedding day attire and go berserk, we suggest that you go dress shopping but only when they are on a sale. You will thank us when you find the perfect dress and actually fits your budget. When buying dresses “off the rack”, we also suggest that you pay cash so that price drops even more notches. For all the grooms out there, you too can show support to your would-be wives in wedding dress shopping and rent your tuxedos instead of buying them and it’s even more economical when you rent them in a group (for your groomsmen)

3. Spot the wedding location

Where you are getting married can and does pinch your pockets hard. Does a friend or your parents have a backyard that you can borrow for the wedding? Why not give that a chance and you will surprise your guests by the warm and cosyambiance. It is ok if you are not open to the idea of a backyard wedding and in that case, you can go to a reception hall, which is again not a typical wedding venue. A third option is to get married on a weekday at a venue of your choice, but make sure that you book the place well in advance

4. Wedding chomps

Food is the most important part of any wedding and hence it is cost incurring too. If you find yourself the perfect venue make sure it is perfect not only because of the cost saved and of the location but also because it lets you BYOB. If you can serve your own booze, the food cost is more or less taken care of. Also, instead of hiring wedding caterers, it is a better idea any day to prepare the food yourself or may hire a restaurant that’s family owned. That way the owners can cater, your guests are happy and full and you have a thrifty wedding on hand

5. Don’t go flowery

Flowers have a very short shelf life, we know and hence, we say that you either be very judicious with the choice of flower you want at your wedding or go completely non-natural and choose artificial flower arrangements. Real flowers with wither away and die and you can hardly use them after the wedding or rather even repurpose them at the wedding itself. On the other hand, if you go for artificial flower arrangements, you not only save truckloads of money but also make sure that they can be used even after the wedding as decoration or set pieces at a party – you can go as creative as you want

6. Music makes a difference

Fancy hiring a band or a DJ for your dream wedding? Well, it is fancy. Why do you need to go through all that hoopla when you can have perfect music at your perfect wedding and all you need is a good pair of speakers and a playlist that ensures that everybody is going to be on their toes well through the night? Do you have a friend or a family member who can perform? Well, that’s even better! When you make your own wedding playlist or have friends or family (who knows you two) to perform, you are customizing the single most important day of your lives

These were our take on the 6 ideas to an affordable wedding and we are sure that come wedding season, you will benefit by putting all or most of them to good use. Let this singularly spectacular experience of your lives begin with smiles, laughter, chuckles,and giggles and not worry and frown lines while you go over bank statements, receipts and credit card bills.


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