rainy wedding dayYou have completed all the planning; the cake is ready, and the wedding appears like it is going to be a wonderful ceremony.

But if rain clouds suddenly turn into rain on your spectacle, what will you do? You need to make the tragedy into something positive.

Here are some tips to deal with a rainy wedding day:

First, you need to start with a positive attitude. Rain is not ideal, but could be lesser. However, rain can be extremely romantic for any couple.

Rain on your wedding day brings the feelings of coziness, warmth and enchantment. Take the risk and clinch the romanticism with a rain blizzard.

Some couples worry about wedding photography because of rain on that special day. No need to fret! Hiring a professional photographer can greatly capture the pictures, even in rain. Some photographers say that rain creates a better environment to capture pictures.

Soft lighting coupled with a rainy climate allows you to take pictures easily and the view of raindrops can create some stunning pictures.

When it comes to flower decoration, no need to hassle because a moist and rainy environment makes the flowers last longer. No need to fret about make-up either because a cooler environment makes your make-up last longer.



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