personalized weddingThe best way to make your wedding ceremony memorable is not to try outdoing somebody else’s, but personalize it.

Make sure your name is written all over it and you do not have someone else taking the credit.

Besides why use someone’s signature on the day you never want to forget? Personalizing is always the best way to go.

It may need you to be very creative but that extra effort will make your wedding extra special.

1. You have probably dreamt of wearing your mother’s wedding gown on your wedding day, this might not be such a good idea. Besides the fact that it is already outdated and discolored from storage, chances are it might not flatter your figure.

The best thing to do is to get your own gown that suits you and tailor made to the shape of your body. But if you still want to make use of your mother’s wedding gown you can still go ahead.

2. Personalizing your wedding means making sure that your loved ones (your parents and wedding party) are not left out. Have flowers sent to their hotel rooms or at their home the day before the wedding.

For a special effect, have the florist use the same flowers that will be in the wedding bouquets and arrangements.

3. If the walls at your wedding reception do not complement your theme, cover those walls with hanging drapes of fabric from ceiling to floor. Use a color that compliments your wedding flowers and attendants’ dresses. Later the fabric can be sewn into table clothes and given as gifts.

4. Your décor should reflect your likes and what you enjoy doing. Your taste in color and material combinations should also be reflected in the way you are going to put the whole set up together.

5. Be creative when it comes to your wedding cake. Instead of the cheap looking plastic and tulle bride and groom cake top you can use fresh flowers, pastry molded and shaped flowers, a favorite souvenir that is precious to the bride and groom.

6. The final touch to having a personalized wedding is in the wedding favors. Give your guests gifts with that personal effect like elegant pens with your names engraved on them.

As an addition to the gifts, the groom can hand out socks with your names sewn on them or an imprint of your faces. Prints of your initials or vows are also ideas for the socks or small mugs.



  1. Wedding day is a very special occasion to all of us.These are some of the best, well written, tips.very much appreciated.Nice wedding blog!Thanks for the article.


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