spa-treatmentFacial treatments like glycolic peels and micro-dermabrasion are a must have when you want to look beautiful on your wedding day.

They are exfoliating and will remove the outer layers of your skin and will give you that exquisite glow. This should be done in good time, so that your skin has ample time to recover.

A week away from your wedding, make the time to have a deep cleansing facial that will exfoliate your neck and face. Any outbreaks that may occur will be given enough allowance to heal.

A couple of days before your wedding, it is highly recommended that you take the time to get a body treatment. This is ideal for ladies that are hoping to wear a revealing dress.

Body treatments are like a facial but for the whole body. You can’t just do what you do on the face to the whole body because they differ in skin texture.

Not only that but your body has less exposure to direct sunlight meaning it has different needs altogether. A sea salt scrub or even salt glow comes highly recommended. Both treatments are popular and very effective.

It is implemented whilst you are lying on your stomach. The masseuse will then proceed to rub you with a mixture of aromatics, oil and sea salt. As your skin is exfoliated by this process, it will also be hydrated and you will feel great.

Follow up a body treatment with a soothing massage or even a hot stone massage. Water can not be recommended enough so drink as much as you can to replenish your bodily fluids.

Water is also a cheap and efficient way of flushing out toxins that may cause skin ailments like blemishes and even cracks.

A day before the wedding you can have a manicure and pedicure done. This is done so now because you are done running around and only the finishing touches are left.

If you decide to get these treatments done on the actual day, you risk smudging and even wrong shades of nail polish and it will be too late to fix.

On the actual wedding day, all the treatments should have already been done away with. Results from most treatments are only evident after a few days.

If you have the treatment on the morning of your wedding, it will only show when you are on your honeymoon. What good is it then? Treatments also take up too much time and will cause commotion as other things such as hair and make up will be seeking attention.



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