Making a wedding more personal and unique makes the entire event more special. Through simple, personal touches throughout the wedding, you can make a unique wedding that will be unforgettable for you and your guests.

Traditional, old-style wedding ceremonies have lost their spark as more couples opt for something different to celebrate their union.

Here are some examples of these unique wedding ideas you may try:

  1. A fantastic idea is to make the bridal bouquet a break-away bouquet. The bouquet can be made up of several mini-bouquets that carry special charms on each for the bridesmaids to receive, or a lucky charm that when the bouquet is thrown there is an added surprise for each of the bridesmaids.
  2. One way to make centerpieces more useful so as not to just discard them after the event, and have a unique wedding at the same time, is to also use a break-away centerpiece for the guests to take home. For example, vases or baskets on the table can be assembled together with flowers and other little gifts that the guests can take home with them after the reception.
  3. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, you can have something that everyone can partake of, such as a wedding cake with several tiers of cupcakes that your guests can indulge in. You can be as creative as you want when working with your baker for cake ideas to make this happen; the cake can be as small or as large as you’d like and certainly adds a fun element to your unique wedding.
  4. Have a simple and elegant guest book that you can pass around during reception, meant for guests to write down their favorite memory of the couple. Not only does this add to a unique wedding but will also give the couple hours of laughter reading through the guest book.
  5. Explore the idea of having a high-tea theme for your unique wedding reception. It is definitely an elegant and classy touch and does not have to cost much. It is also much simpler but don’t forget to tell your guests of the theme if you are serving high tea, as they may be expecting a 5 course meal.
  6. For a garden wedding theme, you may want to make it more of a unique wedding by making it a picnic wedding instead. The bridesmaids can wear lovely gingham dresses and everyone can have sit down food on shaded areas under trees for a true simple picnic experience. This will also save you lots of money on the reception for your unique wedding, and your guests can enjoy delicious picnic fare that is light on your pocket.
  7. Entertainment and receptions can be made more fun by bringing in a photo booth to take lots of cool pictures during your unique wedding reception.  Your guests can then take home the printed photos just a few minutes after they have had their photo taken. Some photo services even include funny backgrounds which will surely be lots of fun for your guests.


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